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Results Roundup – Feature Winners from Weekend #22 in Atlantic Canada

Saturday, October 15th

Halloween Spooktacular @ Speedway Miramichi (NB)

Mini Stock Feature #1:

1st – #60 Mike Weagle
2nd – #0 Rob Poirier
3rd – #86 Tim Webster

Heat Winners: Patricia Taylor and Tim Webster
Semi Winners: Rob Poirier and Mike Weagle

Mini Stock Feature #2:

1st – #60 Mike Weagle
2nd – #86 Tim Webster
3rd – #0 Rob Poirier

Mini Stock Track Champion: #60 Mike Weagle

Street Stock 50:

1st – #13 Brad MacLean
2nd – #02 “The Thrill Maker” Craig Ward
3rd – #92 Jeff MacInnis

Heat Winners: Jeff MacInnis and Darcy O’Neill
Semi Winners: Jeff MacInnis and Craig Ward

Street Stock Track Champion: #68 Darcy O’Neill

Atlantic Modified Tour 50

1st – #2 Tom Betts (lapped the entire field)
2nd – #68 Peter Chisholm
3rd – #98 Mike “Sparky” Raeburn

Heat Winners: Doug Matchett and Tom Betts
Semi Winners: Joe Hoyt and Mike Raeburn

Atlantic Modified Tour Champion: #1 Justin Beers

Eastern Super Mini Cup Series 15

1st – #78 Matt Watson
2nd – #40 Kirk Sheagreen
3rd – #3 Dave Griffith

Heat Winner: #78 Matt Watson
Semi Winner: #41 Mark Ferguson

Demolition Finale Winner: Chris Sickles
Demolition Dash for Cash Winner: Buddy DeDam
Demolition Powder Puff Race: Patricia Taylor

Sunday, October 16th

Fun Race @ Valley Raceway (NS)

Eight Cylinder

1st – #16 Devon Weihers
2nd – #58 Josh Rainforth
3rd – #29 Mark Gates

Heat Winner: Josh Rainforth
Semi Winner: Evan Weaver


1st – #5 Guy Meister
2nd – #21 Rick Balsor
3rd – #29 Mark Gates

Heat Winner: Rick Balsor
Semi Winner: Kurt Dodge


1st – #8 Matt Bourguyne
2nd – #4 Shane Saunders
3rd – #84 Lyle Patterson

Heat Winner – Lyle Patterson
Semi Winner: Chris Marshall

Four Cylinders

1st – #84 JP Arsenault
2nd – #51 Jesse Deveau
3rd – #24 Victoria Whincup

Heat Winner: Jesse Deveau
Semi Winner: Shawn Sanford

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