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Quick Results and Race Notes – Day Two of Atlantic Championships (Pro Stock 200)

Unofficial Results – Full Official Results Monday evening.

Pro Stock 200 – Top Five

1st – #13H Jonathan Hicken
2nd – #44 Wayne Smith
3rd – #88 Kevin Moore
4th – #91C Courtney O’Blenis
5th – #2 John Rankin

Heat Winners: Joel Hickox and Kevin Moore

Race Notes: Twenty cars started the 200 lap feature that saw 14 cautions over its duration, including three rashes of yellow flags (three cautions between Laps 39 and 41, four cautions between Lap 72 and 91 and the final four cautions between Lap 177 and 180). Two of those cautions turned into red flags, one on Lap 177 for an extensive clean up of fluid and one on Lap 73 for a wreck that saw Brady Creamer land on top of Josh Collins.

Rollie MacDonald was on the lead lap and running up front before a caution on Lap 177 between he and Dylan Gosbee sent him to the rear. Two laps later under another yellow, he was hit from behind by Courtney O’Blenis. O’Blenis, who was making her Pro Stock debut on a late call to drive the #91C for Braxton Stafford, said the sun got into her eyes and didn’t anticipate Rollie to be there.

Kevin Moore led the most laps in the race after leading in the early stages. Wayne Smith led laps in the race and had to rally to finish second place.

Brandon Skidmore was parked on Lap 177 after ignoring race officials when being told where to line up under yellow, he was running third at the time.

Dylan Gosbee, defending champion, saw his race end after contact with John Rankin sent him spinning off the track to trigger the last yellow with 20 to go. The last 20 laps ran uninterrupted to the green. The top five were the only five to finish on the lead lap.

Hicken’s win is his third Atlantic Championships victory in four years.

Bandolero 25 – Top Three

1st – #18 Josh Langille
2nd – #68 Michael Cormier
3rd – #03 Colton Noble

Heat winners: Danny Chisholm and Josh Langille

Race Notes: Josh Langille celebrated his first Atlantic Championship on Sunday by covering the field in the 25-lap feature. Michael Cormier was a strong second and kept Langille within sights over the 25-lap distance. Danny Chisholm looked poised to finish in the top three but a late race restart shuffled the deck and a great short run to the checkered by Colton Noble locked down third place. Eleven cars took the green flag.

Street Stock 100 – Top Three

1st – #17 Mike MacLeod
2nd – #48 Courtney O’Blenis
3rd – #02 Craig Ward

Heat winners: Mike MacLeod (Darcy O’Neill failed post heat race inspection) and Dan Smith

Race Notes: The Street Stock 100 was one of the quickest extended races of the weekend with just three cautions slowing the field. Fourteen cars answered the call to the green flag. Mike MacLeod had the field covered by leading all 100-laps of the race. Courtney O’Blenis got by Dan Smith on a restart with less than 30 to go and Craig Ward, recovering from an early spin, would follow suit. Ward kept a fatigued O’Blenis on her toes but couldn’t muster enough to finish second after mechanical issues kept “The Thrill Maker” out of all practices Sunday.

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