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Quick Results – Oyster Bed Speedway – Late Model Super Series #1

The following are quick results from Saturday evening’s point racing at Oyster Bed Speedway. The event featured the first event on the Late Model Super Series for 2016.

Late Model Super Series 50

1st – #48 Mark LeClair
2nd – #5 Matt Palmer
3rd – #32 Chris Hughes

Heat Winners – Mark LeClair and Chris Hughes
Semi Winners – Brodie MacQuarrie and Troy Burke
Car Count – 12

Street Stock

1st – #00 Jamie Stewart
2nd – #80 Amanda Wheatley
3rd – #0 Troy Burke

Heat Winners – Amanda Wheatley and Jamie Stewart
Semi Winners – Amanda Wheatley and Keaton Vessey
Car Count – 15

Mini Outlaw

1st – #67 Cody Byrne
2nd – #45 Kendell Palmer
3rd – #88 Kody Quinn

Heat Winners – Kendall Palmer and Coady Palmer
Semi Winners – Kody Quinn and Cody Byrne
Car Count – 11

Mini Four Fun

1st – #30 Sarah Jay
2nd – #17 Ricky Millar
3rd – #88 Anthony Chiasson

Heat Winners – Sarah Jay and Jordan LeClair
Semi Winners – Sarah Jay and Jordan LeClair
Car Count – 16

The next event for Oyster Bed Speedway is Sunday, July 17th at 2pm.

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