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Scotia Speedworld Posts 2016 Rules, First Look at New Common Sportsman Rules

If you are a Sportsman competitor in the Maritimes, you might want to stop and read this.

Scotia Speedworld released their 2016 building rules for all six of their Weekly Racing Series divisions, which includes the Maritime Tracks Common Rules Amendments for 2016 in the Sportsman division. These include information on rear disc brake systems, brake cooling fans and tires.

The common rules are as follows from the rulebook for Scotia Speedworld’s Sportsman division, which can be found in full here.

Disc Brakes:
Rear disc brakes are permitted. Option 1 is a once piece steel rotor with a minimum diameter of 11 ½ inches and a 1 inch thickness. No drilling or lightning of rotor. Option 2 is an Allstar rotor and hat system, Part #ALL42019.
Only stock GM cast steel calipers with a single steel piston on no greater than 2 ½ diameter permitted
May be mounted forward or rear of the axle housing.
No aluminum parts. Must be all steel.
All parts must be the same size and configuration on both sides.
Fords are permitted ford rotors and calipers, as long as they don’t exceed the GM specifications. 11 ¾ inch maximum diameter by1 inch thick rotor. Single piston caliper with a maximum 2 ½ inch diameter.Must be all steel, no aluminum.
If disc brakes used on the rear, one bias valve only permitted and it must be to the rear brakes before the line splits into two lines, one to each rear brake.
Brake Cooling:
One brake cooling fan, maximum of 3” directed at the caliper/rotor pre side is permitted. One flexible 3” duct may be used with the fan. No other undercar fans are permitted.
No chemical treating of tires (i.e. Compound Altering / Tire Softening). Tires will be subject to durometer testing. Tires raced at Napa Sportsman Series, Petty International Raceway, Scotia Speedworld or Speedway 660 must be purchased from Napa Sportsman Series, Petty International Raceway, Scotia Speedworld or Speedway 660.

Changes have also been made for the Thunder, Lightning and Truck divisions and are indicated in the rulebooks in bold print. Click the division for their respective rulebook. The INEX divisions, Bandoleros and Legends, are overseen by the INEX Rulebook and no changes to the rules amendments for the track have been added, with the exception of the previously announced helmet regulation.

Speaking of the helmet regulation, the track has updated the amendment for the helmets that can be used in competition in 2016, and reads as follows.

Effective with the 2016 racing season, racing Helmets must be Snell rated, no older than 2010. Helmet applicable to auto racing are denoted as SA and SAH. The SA and SAH Helmets are the same, but the SAH has clips installed for a Head & Neck Restraint. DOT or M rated Helmets are not permitted. This is a requirement just received from our insurance provider.

We remind you that the most up-to-date rules for competition can be found on the Scotia Speedworld website.

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

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