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Scotia Speedworld Issues Helmet Rating Requirement for 2016

Scotia Speedworld posted a notice on their site in regards to safety features, specifically helmets, for the 2016 season and beyond.

The post is as follows. The official post, as posted on January 5th from the track, can be found here.

Effective for the 2016 season, racing Helmets must be Snell rated and no older than 2010. DOT or M rated Helmets are not permitted. This is a requirement just received from our insurance provider.

As we move forward it is important to plan for further race car and safety equipment upgrades. In 2017 all cars will require an approved racing seat and in 2018 all drivers must wear racing shoes. A head and neck restraint system is mandatory in Sportsman, Legend and Bandolero cars and is highly recommended in all other divisions.

Please note: Only Technical Rules found on can be deemed the most current and official set of regulations for Scotia Speedworld.

The 2016 building rules for each division at Scotia Speedworld have yet to be released.

Photo by McCarthy Photographic

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