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Final Round Voting for TCM Best of 2015 Awards (Ballot Closed)

Feature Photo by McCarthy Photographic

Voting is now closed. Winners will be announced in November. 

The final round of voting for the TCM Best of 2015 Awards is now here.

This ballot, which will run until Thursday, October 22nd at 6pm Atlantic, will feature the final round for the TCM Most Popular Driver Award. After starting with 88 drivers, this final round pits the top drivers from the first and second rounds of voting together in a winner-take-all, 12 driver showdown.

Along with the TCM Most Popular Driver Award, the fan vote portions of the Finish Line Vinyl Design Best Looking Car Award, Kings County Performance Rookie of the Year Award and TCM Breakout Performer of the Year Award are on this ballot.

For a breakdown of each award and how it will be determined is below.

TCM Most Popular Driver Voting Format:

Round One – All 88 nominated drivers have been split, at random, into one of three groups of drivers. Call them heats, if you will. The top three from each group from Round One will automatically move on to the final round of voting, beginning on Thursday, October 8th at Noon Atlantic. The balance of the top ten from each group in Round One voting (positions fourth through tenth in each group) will be placed into a 21 driver pool, call it a Last Chance if you will, for Round Two voting.

Round Two – Round Two voting runs from Wednesday, September 30th at 6pm to Wednesday, October 7th at Noon Atlantic and will feature the 21 drivers that placed in the top ten in their Round One groups but were unsuccessful to transfer to the final round. The top three from this group will transfer into the final round of voting.

Round Three – The final round of voting for the 2015 TCM Most Popular Driver Award will feature the top three from each of the groups from Round One, plus the top three from the Round Two group, comprising a ballot of 12 drivers. The winner of this final vote will receive the TCM Most Popular Driver Award. Voting runs from Thursday, October 8th at Noon Atlantic to Thursday, October 22nd at Noon Atlantic.

Finish Line Vinyl Design Best Looking Car Award

The 61 nominees for this years award were placed into a Facebook photo album on our Facebook page. A panel of 20 from outside the region whom are seeing the cars for the first time, had the chance to pick their favorite five cars, in no particular order. Each car they selected received one panel vote. The five cars that received the most panel votes are placed into the Fan Vote portion of the award.

As in previous years, the fan vote is worth 50% of scoring for this award. The panel’s final overall tally will count for the other half. The car which scores the most points over the two halves will win the award.

Ties are broken by the car who finished higher in the panel vote.

SCORING EXPLANATION – TCM Breakout Performer of the Year/Kings County Performance Rookie of the Year Award

Each of the three panelists, who have been to the race tracks, seen the racers and have read/heard plenty about the nominees, formulated the list of ten nominees and a brief list of each of their accomplishments. They were asked to rank their favorite five. Their top picks each received five points, second pick received four points, third received three, fourth got two points and their last pick got one point.

The fan vote winner will be awarded five points, with each of the top five in the fan vote receiving the same point scoring as if the fans were a panelist.

Simply put, each “panelist” carried 25% weight in determining the winner of these two awards. Drivers could score five points from each, meaning a perfect score would be 20 points.

Ties are broken by the amount of ballots a driver appears on, followed by the amount of top votes they received. Should drivers still be tied following that, the panel will come together to determine a winner.

TCM Breakout Performer of the Year Nominees

# Name Accomplishments
#2 John Rankin Feature Win at Speedway 660, Runner-Up at Atlantic Championships.
#5 Matt Palmer Oyster Bed Late Model Championship, Two Feature Wins
#13 Harley Cornish Six feature wins, 18 wins total at Oyster Bed Speedway
#18 Josh Langille Five Feature Wins at Scotia Speedworld, Scotia Speedworld Bandolero Champion
#27 Austin MacDonald Five Feature Wins at Scotia Speedworld, Canadian East Bandolero Bandit Champion
#32 Ashton Tucker Speedway 660 Bandolero Championship, Leader in Championship at Petty Raceway
#38 Travis Roma One Feature Win at Scotia Speedworld, Fourth in Points
#53 Cole Butcher Two feature wins on Maritime Pro Stock Tour, second in points to Donald Chisholm
#88 Matt Watson Seven feature wins, clean sweep of season en route to ESMCS title
#89 Donald Chisholm First Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour championship, One Feature Win

Kings County Performance Rookie of the Year Nominees

# Name Accomplishments
#08 Cory Hall Scotia Speedworld Rookie of the Year, Five Total Legend Wins
#1 Ryan Messer Speedway 660 Sportsman Rookie of the Year, One Win
#12 Sam Rogers Scotia Speedworld Rookie of the Year, One Feature Win
#48 Courtney O’Blenis Speedway 660 Rookie of the Year, Three Wins Incl. Atlantic Championships 100
#48 Mark LeClair Oyster Bed Speedway Rookie of the Year, Two Feature Wins
#67 Joey Rudderham NAPA Sportsman Series Rookie of the Year
#74 Alexandra O’Blenis Speedway 660 Pro Stock Rookie of the Year
#85 Kenny MacKenzie Jr Petty Raceway Sportsman Rookie of the Year
#91 Braxton Stafford One Sportsman Win at Speedway 660
#94 DJ Casey Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour Rookie of the Year, Second in IWK 250

Finish Line Vinyl Design Best Looking Car Finalists

(All photo rights owned by their respective photographer)

#2 – John Rankin – St. Martin’s, New Brunswick – Speedway 660 – Pro Stock

John Rankin

#23 Drew Greenlaw – Eastport, Maine – Speedway 660 – Sportsman

Drew Greenlaw

#32 Sarah McKay – Quispamsis, New Brunswick –  Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour

Sarah McKay

#34 Randy Moore – Saint John, New Brunswick – Speedway 660 – Sportsman

Rnady Moore

#56 Josh Collins – Placentia, Newfoundland – Eastbound Park – Sportsman


A reminder – as in previous years, we are only allowing one vote per person, per email address, per voting round. Multiple votes from the same email addresses or same person in the same round will not be counted. Emails that bounce or are invalid when we send out the confirmation email of your vote at the end of the voting period will have the vote associated with that account not counted.

All email addresses will be added to the 2016 Tim’s Corner Motorsports Newsletter List for the upcoming season.
Thanks for taking your time to vote, after all, without you, there is no Tim’s Corner Motorsports! Good luck to all nominees – the results will be announced during the month of November on

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